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How to apply for a job abroad

At Exodius, we want to give you the best chances for finding your perfect match.
We guide you when applying for a job abroad, both suggestions on how to optimise your CV and help guide you on what competencies are valued by the companies, that we work with.
This is to give you the upper hand in your application, which has been personalised and will stand out in the crowd.

Amongst others we are helping you with:

  • Preparing a professional English CV
  • Go through realistic and relevant job opportunities for you personally
  • Prepare you for interviews with potential employers
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Why choose Exodius?

Your success is our process.Exodius consists of a team, whom are all passionate for experiences abroad and have all been working in a foreign country. Therefore we will always do our best, to better your chances throughout the application process. We are working to give you the best possible circumstances to find your best match.
Your success is our process.

Professional & validated job offers

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International community

Become part of an international community, where you can network across countryborders.

Personal help

At Exodius you will be assigned your own employee, who will be taking personal care of you throughout the whole process. Both before and after hiring.

Simple application procedure

We have made it easier to enhance your chances of finding a job abroad.

In need of consultation?

We are ready to help guide you towards you best match. Let's have a chat.
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How do you get work abroad?

When you are looking to work abroad, it can be confusing with the many possibilities. We wish to help you find work abroad that meets your expectations and your competencies.
This we are able to do as we are working with a wide variety of international companies, who are looking for their next perfect match.
Let us help you find work abroad and your perfect match

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Why work abroad?

Better opportunities for future educations

With a job abroad, you both get work experience and cultural understanding - Both being a big plus, when applying for further educations!

Cultural understanding and lifelong memories

Become part of another culture in the most intimate wat possible, take part of an everyday in a different culture. Build an understandment of how culture have affected a community on a personal matter, while you make friends and memories for life.

Get to know yourself better and start personal development

No matter where you are in your life, a stay abroad will let you experience new sides of yourself. Investing in yourself is investing in your future.

Strengthen your international competencies

Daily management on English & an international community - Both gives you a great fundament to broaden your horizon linguistically. Some companies even offer language courses on their expense while others challenge you through daily interactions with international colleagues.

About Exodius

We are a small team whom all love travelling and have all been in your position. We are ready to help guide you. We are looking to make an often complicated process of finding work and living abroad easier, for you. With help from our partners abroad, we continuously update our job-board with new unique and exciting positions throughout locations in Europe.
We believe that a stay abroad empowers you in your life and future travels - independence, intercultural understanding and patience are amongst the traits you can get.

Searching for employees?

Are you looking for applications for your position? You might find it beneficial to create job-posts through Exodius' Employer Platform. We will help you get settled on the platform whilst securing the best circumstances for finding the right match for you position!
With Exodius you will reach a broad audience of already intrigued potential candidates through our Social Media platforms. All while attempted matched with thousands of job-seeking candidates, whom we daily help finding their perfect match.

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