About Exodius

We are a small team of travel-happy individuals who are ready to guide you through the often complicated process of finding a job abroad. With help from our international partners, we continuously update our job board with new and exciting positions, focusing mainly on the European regions.

Our team has the first-hand experience, and with our knowledge and insights, we are making the process easier for you.

Our team has been through the first steps of going abroad - Excitement, anxiousness, and many opportunities presented. We are here to make it easier for you. A sparring partner who is unbiased only works towards finding your perfect match while understanding your individual needs.

We believe that experience is what forms you.

All of Exodius has lived and worked abroad, which has nudged us into more vibrant and colourful lives. Our experiences are the fundament of Exodius, the direct impact that we know that being an expat can turn your life into something exciting and extraordinary.

We are looking for the right match for the company as well as our candidates.
At Exodius, we offer personal service both before hiring and when you have been hired. We wish to help our candidates have the best circumstances for their travel.

We will be there until you feel comfortable.The motivation is to give as many opportunities to experience the trip we have a journey towards your future and self-actualization.

We wish to meet your needs and uphold an ongoing relationship with you as a candidate. We are living through your experiences and the service that we can provide.

We are one team - We are Exodius.