Get smarter on the Greek island of Crete

Elias Taxgaard
June 16, 2022
5 min read

What can you experience in Crete?

Crete is filled with possibilities both when it comes to culture and fantastic nature.

As with most of Greece, you can find traces of many ancient times, and Crete is no exception. Heraklion, the island's capital, shows through the architecture how former civilisations have been living and paints a picture of what the island used to be before it turned into the vacation destination it is today.

Experience the 1400th-century architecture in Chania, the second-largest city in Crete, where you in the harbour will find the symbol of Chania, the Venetian lighthouse. Whilst Chania is amongst the busiest places on the island during the day, the pier turns into a romantic fairytale-like dining area and a lookout post!


If you want to experience nature in Crete, you do not have to go far. During the summer, you will get a breeze with the smell of mature olives daily. Actually, Crete has, still argued, the world's oldest olive tree, The Olive tree of Vouves; it is confirmed to be more than 2000 Years old but is claimed to be between 3-4000 years old!

The tree is today a part of Mía Elía olive farm, where the average of their olive tree’s 500 years and  we highly recommend paying a visit or even adopting an olive tree!


Would you rather experience the creatures of the sea? There are plenty of opportunities to go on island hops on the small islands along the coast. While on these guided island tours, it will be possible to free-dive with a professional who will show you the beautiful ocean life!


If the vibrant ocean life is not for you and you’d rather stay on the beach and enjoy a good book, you are in luck! With fantastic sand beaches all the way around, which in most instances offer a somewhat good dining experience finished with the traditional Uzo, you will not be disappointed. If not, the fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea is not enough, visit Elafonissi! You will be met by vibrant pink beaches, only found in 10 places worldwide!


When exploring the costs, we highly recommend watching out for reckless drivers as the population knows the roads better than the back of their hands.


The weather in Crete

The weather in Crete offers mild, rainy winters and hot sunny summers. In fact, in Crete, the summer is an astonishing 8 months long, from April to November!

During these 8 months, you will see that the summer months offer just shy of 30 degrees Celcius on an average, and it does not get lower than 20 degrees Celcius on average.

Even the water temperature in the Mediterranean Sea is around Crete above 20 degrees from June to November, making the long beach days even more enjoyable!


You might even be able to find little lagoons along the coast, which due to their rural location, is more private. Also, you might see that these small lagoons are even warmer than the average 25-degree warm water in the summer months!


Opportunities to get to Crete

Are you looking for leisure, long walks on the beach, and enjoying the hospitality of the people of Crete? We suggest looking at some of the more prominent companies that offer trips here. There are many ways to make that planning easier, for instance, Apollo Rejser, where you can find fantastic hotels with excellent facilities for kids and adults. If you, on the other hand, would like to be without the other tourists on your trip, we suggest Airbnb, where you can rent everything from luxurious villas to small cute apartments.


If you want to be in Crete for an extended time, we highly suggest finding a job to get the true feeling of being part of the community. There are several possibilities for you looking to see the summer evolve. This could e.g. be through a summer job on a restaurant on the pier in Chania, or if you have a flair for water sports, you might be able to land a job as a waterski instructor.

If you want to stay for more than just the summer and see the seasons change on the beautiful island, we would love to help you live that dream. At Exodius, we can help you find a position in a nordic company, in nordic standards, with a contract of 9 months! 


Currently, we can time offer positions in Customer Service & Technical support on Crete, which all have in common that you will receive an extensive relocation package and be offered very cheap accommodation options! Our client on Chania provides a great work environment with a gym, plenty of social activities and a good work-life balance! Take the leap, apply today and start your expat adventure!

Elias Taxgaard
June 16, 2022
5 min read