Get the most out of your gap-year

When you find yourself in the middle of a gap-year, it is for many a start to figuring out what you are headed in life. There are different reasons to take a gap-year, it can be to better your chances of getting into your dream-studies or generally find your path in life. Whatever the reason might be for you, we have tried to give our take on how you can navigate through your gap-year.

Work experience

Are you in doubt of what you want in life and looking to try out different industries before settling?
We strongly recommend to do so! It can be hard be difficult to visualise what your life is gonna look like 10 years ahead, set goals and last but not least reach those goals. It is a tough process, but it can help to try out different things when you are not 100% sure where you are headed. Remember success comes in many shapes and forms.

Sometimes your dream-job sounds fantastic on paper, sometimes it is even better than expected. But sometimes the doing your dream-job everyday, takes that magic away and your perception changes.

That is why we believe that it is a good idea to let yourself experience and inspect all your opportunities while you have the time. You can try out working in a big corporate environment and become part of an organisation, start your own business and decide your workload yourself. To take the lead and move closer towards your dream situation is a good way to get and idea of how you future could potential look like. This we believe is what a gap-year should be all about, reflections and taking a leap.

Stay abroad

At opleve verden giver dig mulighed for at opleve nye kulturer og mennesker. Det kan have den fordel at man uden den helt store indsats, pludselig står med et internationalt netværk og venskaber som man kan tage kontakt til gennem hele livet.

Et udlandsophold er aldrig en dårlig ide, da man helt naturligt erhverver sig stærkere kulturelle forståelser som man kan drage nytte af privat såvel som på arbejdsmarkedet. Kultur er et sprog der forstås af dem der viser interesse; det er her du kan få en fod over andre kandidater i din jobsøgningsprocess.

Et sabbatår i udlandet styrker ikke kun dine chancer på arbejdsmarkedet, det kan også være til gavn for dig der har dit drømmestudie in mente. Det er ikke nogen hemmelighed at det givet extra merit på din ansøgning at vise hvor og hvad du har lavet under dit udlandsophold. Dette kunne - blandt et utal af andre ting - også være at arbejde i udlandet.

Arbejde i udlandet

Working abroad gives good merit both when applying for jobs and studies. As a general understanding of other cultures can showcase your interest in learning and is an asset that otherwise can be hard to translate. Overall it is possible to gather great capabilities by spending your gap-year abroad.

Working abroad gives good merit when applying for jobs and studies, as it shows an interest in culture and a general curiosity. This is an asset that otherwise can be very hard to translate into an application.

There are many competencies connected to spending a gap year abroad, indepence, responsibility and communication just to mention a few.

Concluding you can say that a gap year can have huge benefits for you and your future- that is, if its spend right. A gap-year gives you the possibility to focus on yourself and finding your own path, this is one of the possibilities that does not present itself to often. While being an opportunity, it is important to set some realistic goals for the year and also put in some effort to reach them.

A recommendation from our side, is to plan your gap-year and figure out how you can prepare for it. Are you looking to spend the year on working abroad, it can be beneficial to start the application process early. This gives you an opportunity to see what possibilities that might lay ahead once you are going abroad.

At Exodius we are sitting ready to help you find your path. Take a look at our open positions or sign up for a chat.

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