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What is Greece like?

Greece is built on ancient history and has been home to many prominent philosophers. With a cultural heritage, unlike other capital cities, Athens is home to 3 temples dating back to B.C! Home of the Olympic games and much more, you will as an expat never get tired of the trips you can have within only one city! With 20% of the country being actual islands, you can spend any spare time on island hops or visit the blue-roofed Santorini.

The Greek population is welcoming folks due to a massive industry of tourism service-minded out of the norm. Even though the people are sincerely open, you will most likely find that not all are equally good at English as an expat.

What are the living costs in Greece?


Every region has its KITL operator, who operates locally available services and within their region, and all major towns are somewhat connected to Athens. Looking at the prices of a convenient, reasonably quick method of transportation is approx. 4€ per 100km, depending on the trip. The train options are still considerably low standard, meaning that the routes are limited. With that said, they are always improving, and it underwent a significant re-work leading up to the 2004 Olympics. The Metro of Athens was upgraded for the Olympic games. They found more than 50.000 ancient artifacts during the rework - Showing again that Athens is literally built on history! And the cost of a monthly pass is only 30€ Generally speaking, the traffic can be quite chaotic, and we recommend to look a second time before passing any roads!

With 80% of Greece being mainland, traveling to some areas naturally will be divided by water, but with ferries leaving just 10km from Athens; You can still experience some of these more remote areas.

Stay connected in Greece

As with any other modern economy, staying connected to your beloved ones is no problem. Earlier, Greece had one provider who had a monopoly on the phone market. This is no longer the case, with international providers such as Vodafone and Q-Telecom. We suggest going with whatever makes you comfortable but suggest using the bigger corporations as they could provide excellent customer service in your given language.

The Greek food

Alexander the Great introduced Indian influences, and the roman empire introduced their culture through food, and the Ottoman Empire, the eastern food culture. As a result of the many influences, there is food for almost any taste within the Greek cuisine. With 20% of Greece is made up of islands and the mainland always being somewhat close to the water; naturally, there is a massive usage of fish and seafood. Being a big part of the Greek diet, you can enjoy fresh fish all year round.

Spices are an essential part of the food in Greece. A vast amount of herbs are used in many dishes such as traditional lamb and goat on holidays. After a meal, you will often be offered ouzo, the Greek national spirit, anise-flavored shot, which you just have to try!

Gastronomy in Greece ‍ Fancy enjoying a bottle of wine with a view of the Acropolis in Athens? Being part of the Michelin guide, Electra Hotel can both provide a sublime dining experience and arguably the most astonishing views in Athens!  If you are looking for some of the more extreme dining experiences, it is primarily found in the capital.

Greece has a crazy amount of olive trees, and you will most likely find yourself wondering about the scent in some instances. Besides creating an idyllic landscape, it calls for great experiences if you are a foodie. Exploring olive oil tasting tours and meeting the people behind is comparable to a wine tour - simply amazing!

Finding an apartment in Greece

There are great possibilities to find a home when moving to Greece, and you can start searching online already today. Like most other places, we recommend not to sign anything before you have met your host, landlord, and taken a stroll around the area.

Moving to Athens naturally means that the price is higher than in the more rural areas, but you will be able to find 1-bedroom apartments for between 300-350€ in the city center or if you want to upgrade to a 3-bedroom for around 550-600€ Moving out from the city center and going towards the more rural areas, it's possible to find cheaper possibilities, less than 300€ for 1-bedroom and 450-500€ for 3-bedroom apartments; This, of course, varies for the areas.

Finding a job in Greece

Since the financial crisis in 2008, Greece was hit by the aftermath and mired a recession that did not end until 2017. In the past years, Greece has felt tourism getting back to life. With the growing tourism, the living standard has started stabilizing, and jobs within the entertainment industry are widely available. With international companies establishing subdivisions in Greece, it has made it a popular destination for expats who want to experience the southern European lifestyle. These companies often seek international candidates to represent their customers and deliver excellent customer service both within IT and general requests. We believe that, like any other country, it is essential to understand your possibilities, and being an expat having colleagues and a company that can help you get settled could be crucial. 

The salary in Greece

The average salary in Greece is estimated to be just around 750€ after taxes, whereas in Athens and some bigger cities are offered a small increase just above 800€ after taxes on average. With reasonably low tax rates compared to many other European countries starting at only 22%. Working in an established international company will secure you a competitive salary, and you can expect just above 1000€ monthly, before taxes. Looking at the average income in Athens, that is compatible with the approx 800€.

Recommendations for Greece

To list all the things you should do in Greece is next to impossible, but here is our best shot!

The cultural heritage is to be found all over, and going on strolls exploring dig sites in Acropolis in Athens have to be on the list of remarkable must-sees! Being Greece’s biggest tourist attraction and UNESCO’s world heritage list, it a true wonder in the middle of a modern city. The colossal construction is believed to date back to the bronze age, approx. 6000 years BC!

If you are not interested in historical architecture, don't worry! With over 200 inhabited islands in Greece, you can always escape the mainland. You can spend your holidays and enjoy a getaway on islands such as Mykonos, Crete. Still, being close to the ocean gives rich opportunities to explore sea life on boat tours on catamarans looking down at the sapphire blue ocean bottom and the lively sea life; some of these including guided snorkeling tours. The islands’ landscapes can be explored on foot as well as rented scooters, ATV’s or cars. With a vehicle, it merely makes it easier for you to explore some of the more remote areas of islands as well as the mainland!  

We believe that the best way to understand the country you live in is to embrace it with all its might - Facing challenges and experiences of any size. Building relations with the locals, who are, generally speaking, is fond of newcomers and will help you grow as a person. For us at Exodius, that is what it means to be an expat, being part of the community, being one of the locals!