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How do I find a Finnish speaking job abroad?

When looking for jobs abroad, it can be hard to figure out what to do with the many opportunities.
We wish to help you find a job abroad, that meets you expectations and the competencies that you bring to the table.

We are able to do this by working with a wide variety of international companies who are searching for their perfect match.Let Exodius help your perfect match with work abroad.

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Permanent work abroad

Do you have plans about working and living abroad for an extended period? Start your adventure with a good job in sunny Portugal, a permanent position in Athens or maybe in beautiful Finland. 

The choice is yours and we seek to help you through the whole process!

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Seasonal work abroad

Are you looking to get abroad for less that 6 months? We offer seasonal work for just this reason!
Meet people from around the world, build new relationships and pack your back with newly acquired experiences!
Find work as travel guide, entertainer or skiing instructor in the Alps

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Voluntary work abroad

Do you have a burning urge to help other and make the world a better place?
Start working voluntary and support an important project. Find a project that suits you e.g. helping kids and the youth in Tanzania or be a caretaker to the elderly in Columbia.

Take a look at the possibilities here!

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Are you looking for possibilities during your gap year?

With a gap year abroad, you will have the chance to stand out in a crowd when applying for you dream studies.
We at Exodius come from international work backgrounds, which have helped us grow on a personal and professional plan.

Let us help you find a job abroad during your gap year and better your chances for future professional opportunities whilst getting skills of life.

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Start living your life as a Finnish expat!

Send an application for a Finnish position or sign up for a casual talk with one Exodius’ kind recruiters! With your help, we will find the perfect match for your job abroad.

Let us help you along on your adventure with help with everything from choosing the right vacancy to prepping you for interview!


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With our job board, you will get an easily manageable overview of the positions that we currently have available.

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We would love to know you better and understand the motivation behind your application for the position.

Be ready for an Interview

In connection to the interview, there is a chance that you will have to complete a test to prove your competencies.

Start your expat life

Congratulations! You will now receive your contract and possibly other essential documents from your new employer, who has chosen you!