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Working abroad can get you unique experiences, friends for life and grow both personally and professionally. At Exodius we offer personal help for you, so that you find your perfect match.

Permanent work abroad

Do you have plans about working and living abroad for an extended period? Start your adventure with a good job in sunny Portugal, a permanent position in Athens or maybe in beautiful Finland. 

The choice is yours and we seek to help you through the whole process!

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Seasonal work abroad

Are you looking to get abroad for less that 6 months? We offer seasonal work for just this reason!
Meet people from around the world, build new relationships and pack your back with newly acquired experiences!
Find work as travel guide, entertainer or skiing instructor in the Alps

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Voluntary work abroad

Do you have a burning urge to help other and make the world a better place?
Start working voluntary and support an important project. Find a project that suits you e.g. helping kids and the youth in Tanzania or be a caretaker to the elderly in Columbia.

Take a look at the possibilities here!

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Why should Exodius help you?

Personal assistance

Exodius are give you personal help throughout your entire application process, so you can start your adventure with ease!
We are with you from the first call and are available during your employment.

100+ Expats

Exodius have helped more than 100 adventurous individuals finding their perfect professional match abroad. Just like our employees, this individuals seek to build relations across countryborders.

Experienced team

Exodius' employees are adventurous individuals, who guide and help you on the basis of their own personal experiences. Our employees knows first hand what it is like to go on an adventure abroad, as they either are abroad or have been for an extended period. They help you and understand the concerns that you might have, when going abroad!

Qualified vacancies

All positions offered by Exodius are verified. This is done by our team continuously, to ensure that you end up at a professional employer that lives up to our standards.
We have continuous communication with our partners abroad so that we know, that you will be in good hands.

How do you get work abroad?

1. Application

With our job board, you will get an easily manageable overview of the positions that we currently have available. Please notice that we continuously add new positions as some might get occupied. To make it as simple as possible for you, we only require an English CV. Would you be interested in more than one position? We would love to know about the next steps!

2. Casual talk

We would love to know you better and understand the motivation behind your application for the position. Therefore we would like to invite you to a casual talk with one of our employees!We will walk through the position, the requirements, and what you can expect; if you have any specific questions, this is the time! This whole talk is to make sure that you will get the best match, and in case you want to hear more about other positions, we are open to explain those too!

3. Interview

Now when we have found the best match for you, you are even further in the process - Your interview. Compared to the first conversation with us, this is considered more of a job interview, and your potential employer would like to understand your motivation. In connection to the interview, there is a chance that you will have to complete a test to prove your competencies. This test can be to assess your qualities and language level, but can also be as simple as a typing test.

4. Start your adventure!

Congratulations! You will now receive your contract and possibly other essential documents from your new employer, who has chosen you! Everything there is left to do is pack up and get ready for your adventure. We at Exodius will, if wanted, still be part of your experience. It is crucial for us to understand what we can do better to ensure that all our candidates will have a fantastic experience. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
Have a nice trip!